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Know Everything About The Hot Glass Tea Set

The tea set is the essential accessory for all lovers of teas and herbal teas, it is a must-have, and yet it can remain mysterious. Yesterday I wrote you an article (long enough) to know everything about the cast iron tea set, today it will be about the glass one. Any answers you may have will be here, below. If ever this is not the case, leave me a comment and I will respond with pleasure.

Are glass tea sets good?

Tea sets can be glass, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, porcelain, or clay. Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of the right accessory is often determined by individual needs or preferences.

Glass tea sets are gaining popularity due to their elegance and visual experience when preparing and serving your drink. Glass tea sets and kettles are particularly pleasing to the eye when brewing flower teas and flowery herbal teas. The transparency of the glass allows you to watch your tea change color and choose the strength you prefer.

Some glass tea sets are stovetop safe and some are not. Stovetop safe glass tea sets are made of a durable borosilicate glass material that is more resistant to heat and temperature changes than tempered soda lime glass. You should read the description to make sure your tea set is safe on the stove. Otherwise, you need to heat water in a saucepan and then pour the simmering water into the glass tea set.

Benefits of using a glass tea set

Glass tea sets offer several advantages over tea sets made from other materials:

Safety : Glass is an inert and safe material, so you can brew your tea without heavy metals or toxic chemicals getting into your drink. The glass does not affect the taste of tea and does not change its color.

Stylish Design : Glass tea sets have a simple and aesthetic appearance. It sits nicely on the tray when you serve tea to your guests. Glass kettles will stay clear and beautiful even after years of use.

Visual experience : Unlike metal tea sets, glass tea sets allow you to observe the brewing process and know when your tea is ready without having to lift the lid. You can see beautiful colors gradually changing before your eyes, and choose the strength of your tea. You can easily see how much tea is left in the tea set. Glass is the material of choice when brewing brightly colored teas.

Microwave Safe : Glass tea infusers can be placed directly in the microwave to boil the water or reheat the tea. Stainless steel infusers and other metal plates should be removed before the pot is put in the microwave. Last precision: I do not suggest that the water in the microwave be heated. I know a lot of people are making this heater, but it’s not advisable!

Ease of cleaning : The smooth surface of the glass makes cleaning easy. Plus, most glass kettles and tea sets are top rack dishwasher safe. Glass tea sets also won’t rust if you leave water in them.

Cleaning and maintaining your glass tea set

Most glass tea sets are dishwasher safe. Be careful washing them in the sink and avoid submerging hot glass jars in cold water. Use vinegar to clean any stubborn theine stains .

You should use a medium level heat source when boiling water in a glass tea set. Never take an empty tea set on the stove top as it cracks. When the water has boiled, simply remove the tea set from the heat source.

Before going in the microwave, be sure to remove all metal parts. Pour the water into the pot and cook in the microwave until it boils. Return the infuser to the pot filled with loose tea leaves. Use an oven mitt or pot holder when handling a hot glass tea set to protect yourself from burns.

Tips for buying your transparent tea set

Make sure the tea set can hold enough liquid to meet your needs. A large water capacity is a plus when it comes to serving large groups.

Choose a borosilicate glass tea set so that you can boil the water directly on the burner. Stovetop safe glass tea sets are much more efficient because they remove the need for water to be heated separately and then poured into the tea set.

To prevent the leaves from getting into your drink, invest in a tea set with a removable infuser or built-in strainer. The removable infuser can be easily pulled up once your tea is of the desired strength. It also allows you to easily throw the tea leaves in the trash. Make sure you can use the lid without the brewer.

Look for an ergonomic handle that does not heat up when you handle the pot, making it easy to pour the water. The lid handle should be thermally insulated to protect your fingers from burns.

A good pouring spout design ensures that there are no drips when you pour your tea and eliminates messy cleaning.

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