How to Choose the Right Pump for the Reservoir

An electric pump is a fundamental part of any artificial body of water on the homestead. It provides a smooth supply of water that protects the tank from pouring while enriching it with oxygen and contributing to the clean-up.

Any container filled with water for decorative purposes can only be attractive when the pump works well. There are two main types:



Submersible model

A pump for an artificial lake of large or medium size, for a fountain or a mountaineer should be submersible. It is mounted on the bottom or in the stones of the mountaineering located below. In order to avoid sucking up the waste, the device must be installed on a special stand.

The principle of this modification is to suck the liquid, both clean and contaminated, through a special mesh filter. Its ejection occurs over the mechanism itself or in a remote place, through a hose connected to the nozzle. The mechanism has a self-cooling function, which is based on the pumping of chilled water.

The submersible pump for the pond has several advantages:

It doesn’t make any noise.

It is economical in the consumption of electricity.


It does not require advance filling.

It’s easy to install on your own.

Uninterrupted operation is provided by free-turning adapters of the corner type, which prevents the bend of the hose.

The downsides are the complexity of maintenance and repair.

Other varieties

If you want to arrange a fountain on the site, you can buy a pump for a pond of a special design, which provides for the presence of a telescopic view extension cord. The principle of its action is based on the absorption of liquid into the filter and throwing it under pressure through the extension cord. This creates thin, long jets.

The pump for the reservoir can have different functionality. Some are only for fountains, alpine slides or streams, others can provide a single supply of 2 decorative figures or two water structures. They are also distinguished by the type or number of nozzles attached.

Some models of pumping equipment provide a cleaning system by running the liquid through triple carbon filters. Thanks to this filtering, there is no need to constantly clean the equipment, and this procedure can be carried out at long intervals.

By what criteria to choose equipment

The main rule when choosing a device – it’s quality. Standard, household units, used in drainage and pressure systems, are not suitable. The conventional unit is not able to operate around the clock, throughout the summer, and this is a prerequisite for the normal functioning of the source of the jets.

Also, the pump, designed for everyday needs, at work makes a noise that scares cold-blooded inhabitants. For example, exotic fish species can get sick and die. Aggregates for small ponds, mountaineers, and small fountains work almost silently, which will not disturb the peace of the inhabitants, besides such models are designed specifically for trouble-free functioning.

You need to select the product according to several criteria:

The amount of water is recycled per minute or hour (data is shown on the packaging or in the instructions for use). A section of pipes and hoses. These parameters determine the speed of movement of water masses, height, and thickness of the jet beating up. Synchronicity or asynchrony of the engine. A positive characteristic of the asynchronous motor is the ability to remotely control performance.

An important detail is a material from which the product is made. The best products are stainless steel or high-strength plastics. Devices made from other raw materials can quickly become unusable due to corrosive processes or mechanical damage to the hull.

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