How to Choose a Filter for the Pond?

Everyone who has a pond knows firsthand that it is necessary to properly and regularly care for it to look clean and fresh. And even more so if in an artificially created reservoir you contain fish and planted ornamental plants. Therefore, to maintain cleanliness should be purchased very important and necessary equipment for ponds. And the main device that helps keep the water clean is the filter for an artificial body of water. Thanks to the presence of a well-chosen filtering system in the pond, the water in the reservoir will always be clean and transparent.

There are many reasons that lead to pond pollution. These are fallen leaves and branches from trees, pollen and dust brought by the wind, products of aquatic life, dead plant particles, and other debris, which subsequently settles on the bottom of the pond and begins to decompose, taking all the oxygen and saturating water with nitrogen and phosphorus. All this has a very negative impact on the condition of the inhabitants of the reservoir and plants.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about what equipment for reservoirs can be, which helps to maintain its purity and maintain biological equilibrium.

Which filter for an artificial body of water is better to choose

Now in numerous stores, there is a wide range of a variety of filtering systems, which differ in the principle of action, manufacturer, as well as other significant parameters.

➤ the size of the reservoir and its depth;

➤ the peculiarities of climatic conditions;

➤ the presence of aquatic inhabitants and plants;

➤ the amount of sunlight coming in;

➤ the extent of water pollution.

You also need to know that the water purification in the pond is due to the various filtering elements in the filter. Many filter models are already equipped with the necessary fillers that carry out this and that filtering. And there are models that are sold without the necessary filler and you will need to pick up the right one for you. There are such types of filtering:

1 Biological filtration, during which colonies of beneficial bacteria are formed. They contribute to the breakdown of ammonium into less harmful nitrates;

2 Mechanical filtration cleans water from a variety of small particles and makes it transparently clean;

3 Chemical filtration is more consistent with the purification of aquarium water, in ponds is rarely used. This type of cleaning effectively removes various substances of organic and inorganic origin. Most often used after the use of drugs, to remove their residues.

4 Cleaning with ultraviolet radiation with the help of algae and microorganisms that lead to the flowering of water.

Water filters

Cleansing equipment for reservoirs is classified according to the principle of work, namely:

➤ a flowing or external filter for the reservoir;

➤ a pressure pond filter;

➤ a modular filter.

Let’s talk about each of them separately.

Flowing or external filters for reservoirs are used to remove pollution in large reservoirs.

We have excellent models of filters for water bodies on our website, so for example the Aquael maxi pond filter is an innovative and high-quality invention that works effectively both from the outside of the pond and in a submerged state, performing various ways of cleaning the water, and is designed for continuous and long-term work.

Very popular among filtering systems are models of pressure pond filters. They are quite small in size, very convenient to use. The use of such filters is effective for small artificial reservoirs. Pumps are used for the work, which under high pressure serve water to the filter and so that you can additionally create a stream and fountain in your pond. Most filter models are mechanical, biological, and ultraviolet.

Modular filters or multi-camera filters are filters that are used for large ponds. They are quite powerful and carry out high-quality and complete water purification thanks to the presence of several cameras with different filtering components. Such filters are quite large in size and are installed on the shore of an artificial body of water.

The Oase filter quickly and efficiently cleans the water and pumps a volume of several hundred liters.

And, of course, it is necessary to separate such equipment for reservoirs as a skimmer.

The most common options are:

➤ bottom skimmer, which is set directly not the bottom of the pond and its height is easily adjustable depending on the depth of the pond;

➤ a floating skimmer that floats freely on the surface of the water surface and with the help of a pump effectively cleans the surface of the reservoir from various debris. The main advantage of such a device, it can be used regardless of the depth of the pond.

Now you know what equipment will help you keep your body of water clean.

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