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Touchy is a highly configurable jQuery plugin. It exposes event data (velocity, etc.) for longpress, drag, pinch, rotate and swipe. Example use cases include preventing a conflict between a drag and a swipe, getting pinch abstracted across Android and iOS, or creating a single finger rotation.


Please view these pages with a W3C-compliant mobile browser that implements touch events (not Internet Explorer). Alternatively, you may view these pages on your desktop computer with Chrome while the Dev Tools are open and the "emulate touch events" option selected.

The user drags or flicks to turn the page.
The user rotates a wheel.
Wheel with Inertia
The user rotates a wheel that gradually slows to a stop.

More info will appear here soon. For now, you can find documentation on the GitHub project page for Touchy:

To get an idea of where Touchy is headed in the future, please take a look at the issue tracker. Please feel free to make a suggestion there or fork the project. We pull requests.